Top 8 Websites That Help Translators Gain New Clients and Earn Money

Top 8 Websites to Help Translators Attract New Clients and Generate Income

For novice translators embarking on a freelance translation career, the foremost question often centers around how to secure their inaugural translation project. Many have endeavored to engage with various translation agencies and companies, only to discover that most stipulate a substantial prerequisite of prior experience. This raises the inquiry: Are there alternative avenues through which freelance translators can expand their clientele?

One of the most formidable challenges confronting freelancers, translators included, is the perpetual quest for clients and the validation of their professional standing.

Freelance platforms present an ideal opportunity to accrue experience, magnetize clients, and generate income. Picture a scenario where a client possesses a business website in either English or Arabic and aspires to target fresh clientele in France. The sole means of realizing this ambition is by translating their website into French. You could be the one to facilitate this endeavor, and the client actively seeks your services.

Here is a compilation of eminent freelance websites where translators can proffer their services, extending beyond mere translation to encompass writing, design, and more:


UpWork ranks among the most extensive online freelance networks, simplifying the discovery of clients in search of independent translators for their projects. You enjoy the flexibility to determine your pricing, whether hourly or per translated text. The platform ensures secure payment by collecting funds upfront from the client and disbursing them to you upon project completion, with a minor fee deduction for its services.

  • 20% fee for every $500 received from the client.
  • 10% fee for each $500.01 to $10,000.
  • 5% fee for any amount exceeding $10,000. stands as a renowned freelance platform akin to UpWork, featuring the added facet of contests where clients select winning entries. You can also undertake specialized tests pertinent to your field of expertise, encompassing language proficiency tests, and accumulate credentials viewable by potential clients.


Guru sets itself apart by levying a 3% fee on freelancers subsequent to their successful completion of specialized tests germane to their expertise, designating them as “Guru” status on the platform. While achieving “Guru” status may pose a challenge, it presents substantial prospects for attracting new clients. You can craft a comprehensive profile to showcase an array of services, including writing, translation, editing, design, and more.

People Per Hour:

This platform revolves around defining projects by their temporal duration, enabling you to establish fixed prices for services based on word count or specific tasks. For instance, translating a website for $200. You have the liberty to offer a multitude of services on this platform.


Fiverr specializes in the brokerage of small, microservices, allowing sellers, including translators, to propose services commencing at $5. You can augment the service price at your discretion. The translation and writing section on Fiverr particularly stands out, and you can join a community of freelance translators, catering to a substantial market boasting hundreds of thousands of users.


Proz enjoys global recognition as the preeminent platform for translation and translators. It comprises an extensive database encompassing freelance translators, translation agencies, and individuals. Proz serves as both a comprehensive repository and an advanced operational platform, facilitating participation in translation contests.


Analogous to Fiverr, Khamsat represents an Arabic platform offering minor services commencing at $5 and their multiples. It garners trust within the Arab freelance market, boasting over 300,000 users. On this platform, you can proffer your translation services alongside an array of other freelance offerings.


Regarded as one of the pioneering freelance platforms in the Arab world, Mostaqel operates on a similar model to Freelancer and UpWork. It furnishes freelancers with a platform for identifying projects and earning income. You can create your projects free of charge to solicit proposals from proficient Arab freelancers and select the most fitting candidate for your project. Mostaqel also safeguards your rights as a project owner or freelancer, serving as an intermediary until project completion.

While some may contend that focusing on a single platform is optimal, we advocate for an initial exploration of multiple platforms. Begin with free memberships to familiarize yourself with their operational dynamics. Subsequently, consider investing in premium memberships to unlock supplementary features such as enhanced visibility and priority listing among translators and clients. This approach affords you the opportunity to ascertain the platform that aligns most closely with your objectives.

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